Purchasing a bike is a personal choice. The style, colour, and design are aesthetically indicative of the rider’s tastes and style. The bike needs to be the right size to be comfortable and safe for the rider who is purchasing it. Once these factors are considered, there are still a multitude bikes from which to choose.

So you can make an appropriate choice, a rider needs to determine why he/she is buying a bicycle. Is the bike for the purpose of long, cross-country bicycle trips, or will the rider be in the mountains, fording streams and jumping ditches? Different bikes are ideal for various situations.

Assess your goals

If you are taking your bicycle on a cross country trip, you will want a bike with multiple gears to be able to manoeuvre various road and weather conditions, which cannot necessarily be predicted from the beginning of the trip.

Mountain biking will require a thick, durable frame and wide tires, and possibly a variety of gears, to face all of the challenges that will arise in the woods or the mountains.

If you are seeking a bicycle simply for your commutes to work or school, and riding on errands around your home, and the terrain is relatively even and predictable, the single speed bike could be the ideal choice, with its simple construction, durable frame, and stylish design.


A single speed bike has only one gear. There are no variable speeds, and the bike does not slide. If the pedals stop turning, the wheels also stop turning. Road racers often train on fixed gear bicycles because it is believed that pedalling a fixie will improve pedalling techniques.

Fixed gear bikes are constructed of aluminium and steel alloys, making them extremely lightweight, ideal for manoeuvring around potholes and typical urban challenges. It also makes the bike ideal for work commutes, and more so if you need to carry the bicycle into your office, or up or down steps.

Steel alloy is a strong, durable material that requires little maintenance, and offers reliability and longevity. Overall the bike needs less repair in the long run. If the bike does need repair, and you prefer to complete your maintenance, the lightweight quality of the bike makes repairs easy. Reputable manufacturers manufacture the parts used to build fixed gear bikes and so quality parts are easily available for replacement if necessary.

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