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Monthly Archives: December 2017

What to Know about Building Inspections and Inspection Reports

If you are a serious home buyer or seller, you probably know the importance of building inspections. Gone are the days when building inspections were only done upon the request of the buyer. Today, even the home sellers make use of building inspection services to their benefit. For the home buyer, the inspection report will be of great use as they can know the real state of the building before investing their hard earned money. It is only through building inspections Victoria can one know if a property is worth every penny. Now as for the sellers, the need for building inspections is to know if there exist critical issues in the building before listing it for sale. This way, they will know the existing problems and have them repaired before putting up the ‘for sale’ sign. By doing so, the seller will be able to fetch a good deal. The seller can as well choose not to repair but disclose the problems to the buyer which creates confidence in the purchaser.

A lot can be said about building inspections, but without talking about the building inspection report, there is nothing much to understand. Now if you’re a home buyer and you think you have found your dream home, the first thing to do even before you seek finances is to hire a building inspector. A building inspector is the one to do the inspections and then write a thorough inspection report. The building inspection report should be easy to understand so that the buyer can easily make the right decision. In the document, the inspector should include all the areas checked and what was noted. The report should be very specific to minimise biases. Finally, the inspector should ensure that the document is given to the buyer as soon as possible. Usually, the inspection report will not take more than 48 hours.

As mentioned above, a building inspection report is critical. Since it will show you the flaws and other structural issues found, you will be able to determine if the home is safe for your family. If the house has many problems, you can choose to terminate the deal. Also, you as well ask the home seller to do the repairs or offer you an affordable deal.

Contrary to what most people think, building inspections Victoria are not expensive. In fact, the cost of this service will depend on where your house is located and also the size of the house. Sometimes the services you want will also determine the amount. For example, if you need both building and pest inspections, expect a higher price than a buyer who only needs building inspections. However, always be ready to spend a few hundred dollars on property checks because you will be saving thousands of dollars by making the right investment.

What You Need to Know about Palm Tree Removal

There are reasons why you may need to have your palm tree removed. The advantage of palm tree removal as compared to eliminating other types of trees that are of the same size is that palm trees have lots of fibrous roots. Their roots do not spread very far. Its roots depend on its particular species, so it is imperative to know the species of your palm, though the taller the tree is, the broader its roots.

It’s important to seek professional help or consult a professional when removing a palm to learn the dos and the don’ts to avoid making mistakes. The best way to remove large tree or trees in sensitive regions is to hire a palm tree removal expert. You should be very cautious if you are removing a tall palm that is near buildings or objects that cannot be moved or near people for safety. It may be dangerous, and it can fall on properties if one is not careful during removal.

As the roots of a palm don’t spread very wide, it’s imperative to estimate the radius of the roots first to know where to start digging. Water the area around the base of the palm tree as it softens the soil and makes it easier to dig the trees out. Make sure that you dig through all the roots then dig beneath the tree to remove it.

It is recommended to use a sharp tool for digging if you find that you had underestimated the radius of the roots and hence need to cut through them. You need to express extra caution when removing a palm for transplanting so as not to kill it. If you plan on transplanting that palm tree, it is recommended to estimate a bigger radius so as not to destroy the roots. If you destroy the roots of a palm tree that you intend to transplant it might not survive because the roots might dry up or rot.

It is easier to remove young and immature palm trees than it is to remove the older trees because their roots are yet to grow wider and deeper. Some people prefer to kill the palm tree first to make it easier to remove. It is not an environmentally friendly way. The natural way of killing the tree though takes a much longer time.

If you have a palm tree that is posing a danger to your property or one that is near to the power lines, always consider contacting professional palm tree Removal Company to ensure that everything is done professionally. However, before you hire any tree removal expert, be sure they have adequate experience, with a good reputation and offer affordable services.

Now, if you realise that your palm tree is posing a danger or looks out of place, contact for palm tree removal. They are professional palm tree experts with many years of experience when it comes to tree services. With them, you will have safe secure and affordable palm tree removal services. Give them a call and let your tree issues handled by professional hands.