There has been a lot of concerns on the tons of waste people generate every day. In Australia for example, a lot of waste is produced every day in homes, commercial offices, industries and other business. It has led to the creation of more landfills, and these contribute to environmental pollution. With the recent green living movement and awareness creation, everyone including the government is looking for ways of reducing and managing waste management. If this waste crisis is not addressed, soon our cities will be filled with waste, and we will keep on creating more landfills which do not help in the long run.

If you take a good look of the nearby landfills of garbage centres, you will realise that a huge chunk of waste is comprised of bottles. These are both plastic and glass bottles. Bottles are used every day as most consumer products are packed in bottle and cans. For instance, you can never do it without water, and you will always buy bottled water when heading to the office or when driving from work.

Also, when you go for lunch, you will probably grab a bottle of water, and for those who love alcoholic drinks, they will drive by the nearest wines and spirit and grab a few bottles. But do you stop to wonder where all these bottles end up? Sadly, more than 90% of these bottles will end up in landfills, waterbodies and on the streets.

If you and I can be a little bit responsible and care about our actions, the world would be a better place regarding waste management. You should make a personal decision not to throw out that water bottle once you empty it. Instead, you can take the bottle with you to the office or home and make better use of it. It is where bottle recycling Adelaide comes in. Contrary to what people think, recycling does not always mean taking the bottles to the recycling centre.

You can as well make good use of the bottles at a personal level. For example, instead of buying bottled water every day, you can use the bottle to take clean water from home. You can as well put water in that bottle and insert fresh flowers to keep them fresh. For those innovative enough, you can modify the bottle to be your pen and pencils holder.

For those that deal with large chunks of bottles, the ideal way to deal with such waste is to collect the bottles and deliver them to a recycling centre. For example, clubs, hotels and other businesses for instance function venues deal with a lot of bottled on a daily a basis and so it is only ethical to collect the bottles and take them to the recycling centre. If you have a massive load of bottles, you can contact a recycling company, and they will come and carry the bottles from your location. This way, we will reduce the size of our landfills, save energy, keep the environment clean and earn some money in the process.