It is mandatory by Australian law that all companies within its borders should comply with the Health & Safety Work and Gas Risk Assessment Act. By law, the employer must carry out risk assessments and ensure a safer workplace for its employees.

Gas Risk AssessementYour gas and fuel company will be issued with a ‘prohibition notice’ for any non-compliance with the law. It can prevent your company from carrying out any further work and will receive hefty fines of up $50,000. Listed in this article are 5 of the most common gas risk assessment for common areas of domestic gas fields. It’s essential that you have the following gas risk assessment documents to continue operations.


Risk Assessment to Repair Gas Boiler

Your company should have a risk assessment document that’s specific for repairing boilers. It will ensure that your gas operative is aware and knowledgeable with the necessary actions to make in the event of a gas boiler breakdown.  This document is useful when carrying out surveys and programmes for work. It ensures that the company maintains a safe image to its employees, clients, and customers.


Risk Assessment For Repairing A Gas Fire

At the same time, a risk assessment document that focuses on repairing gas fire is also essential. It will detail any control implementation actions that are needed to be done. This risk assessment document will also allow the gas operative to make assessments on the degree of risk by following a pre-defined format. Like the boiler assessment, the gas fire risk assessment should also be carrying surveys and programmes for work.



Risk Assessment Document for Gas Wall Heater

This one will provide your gas operatives with a risk assessment document that’s specific to repairing a gas wall heater. It will assign control implementation actions whenever there’s a threat. This assessment document will allow gas operatives to assess the degree of risks by following a structured format that’s developed by your company. It will ensure that your company maintains a safe image to its customers, clients, and employees.


Always Consider Gas Risk Assessment

When it comes to the proper company and business operations, you will require a gas risk assessment to make sure that your company is abiding by Australian Law. It will also ensure that your company and workplace is safe for your employees and clients. Make sure that you will have these gas risk assessment documents to ensure that you will have the necessary actions taken for every gas-related situation.