No homeowner out there wants to share his or her home with any pest. Once you notice the presence of ants, termites, rats, rodents, and roaches, that should be enough for you to act accordingly and swiftly. And while you probably feel like you can do stuff on your own to eliminate or kill the pests, it is a much better idea to call in a pest extermination SA pro to do it on your behalf. It is true that getting rid of pests is something you probably can manage, but because time is not on your side, you want someone who has the expertise and experience.

Well, at least you still have the responsibility of figuring out the signs of a pest infestation. Once you notice these signs, your job is to call in the pest exterminator to solve the problem.

1 – You see rotting wood in your property.

If your yard has present dead trees or your roof, deck or attic has wooden beams; you should regularly inspect it to ensure that there are no pests presently staying such as carpenter ants or termites that could significantly bring damage to your house. Thus, to prevent these pests from staying in your property, it is best to remove those dead trees immediately to make sure that no bugs will attempt to migrate into your house.

Also, if you notice some small holes in the wood along with piles of shavings nearby, this can be an indicator that there are carpenter ants or termites present in the area. It proves that these pests have bored out space to nest or raise their young. Thus, it is essential to provide an immediate solution to this or let the experts remove them.

2 – There seems to be a significant presence of bugs.

Although some pests like termites and carpenter ants rarely make themselves visible, there are some who boldly make their presence known. For example, honeybees and wasps, you can quickly notice them because they create nests under eaves, near windows and worst, inside your home, like bedbugs! The same thing goes with rats and mice because they are eager to access your food and water whenever and whatever situation it can be. Thus, if you notice more bees than usual, or one or two mice running freely around your home, call a professional pest control company as soon as possible.



3 – You hear weird noises.

You can easily tell if your house is infested with pests if you hear some noises coming from the walls, attics or in the basement. It is best that you tap the services of a professional exterminator immediately to investigate the source of noise and to give accurate and effective solution directly.

If you want to completely eradicate those annoying pests quickly and professionally, calling for pest extermination SA is the best decision you make.