Retaining walls are an old solution for supporting large masses of soil, keeping your landscape fictional and safe. They are also a visually dominant feature in any Perth landscape, which is why designing them is a critical part of any landscape design. If you use the wrong design, you will end up messing everything, and the wall will not function as expected. Therefore, to ensure that you get everything right, it is essential to hire a qualified retaining wall builder.



Aesthetics and Materials


Depending on the mass of the soil to be supported, retaining walls can vary in size and design complexity. Choosing the right materials that match the strength as well as aesthetic requirements is critical in the design process. For a traditional look, a rustic style stacked stone wall is a good choice, provided it can support the mass of the soil behind it. You can as well use ivy to integrate the wall into the softscape.


For a modern landscape, you can appropriate stones or concrete blocks that suit your landscape design, or even the natural stone for the surface to give your retaining wall a modern look. Using concrete blocks is an excellent way of ensuring your wall matches the masonry of your garden. Paying attention to the design of your wall provides that it feels like a natural part of your landscape design.


More than Just Support


While the primary function of a retaining wall us to hold back soil, its functionality can be extended much further. It can double as a seating wall through the addition of smooth coping. Add some cushions, and such a structure can increase the seating capacity of your landscape. Similarly, you can use a retaining wall as an excellent base for planters. The firm surface can also be used to support lighting fixtures. Last but not least, you can use retaining walls to create paths in your garden, and this enhances the look of your landscape.




Retaining walls increase the usable area in a meandering landscape. Sloppy land can be a significant hindrance when it comes to planting gardens and installing landscaping features. With retaining walls, you can convert your hilly garden into a series of flat terraces, giving your lots of raised flat land to plant vegetables, flowers, etc. You can also install other outdoor structures like patios, gazebos, etc. on the raised terraces that give you a commanding view of your property. Lastly, the height created gives you the potential to install waterfalls in your landscape.


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