Removing a tree stump on your property is more than just about getting rid of an unsightly view. As a homeowner who puts a high value on the visual integrity of your outdoor area, you wouldn’t want anything to ruin it, not even a seemingly harmless stump. The time has come for you to cut and remove a tree on your property since you no longer see it as an integral part of your new landscaping project. However, what’s keeping you from doing whatever you want is the stump that takes up significant space on your yard. You do not like the presence of the stump, but you also are torn between spending money for a tree stump removal Gold Coast service or just ignoring it for the time being. Well, this post tells you why you should focus on removing it.

1 – The tree stump is a hazard.

If you do not invest in removing tree stumps, you are putting everyone at risk of tripping over it and getting injured in the process. You’re mistaken in your assumption that the stump is harmless since your children, pets, or even guests might stumble or trip on it while playing or having fun in the yard. The stump can also cause damage to a lawnmower when you hire someone to mow the lawn, and you forgot to tell about the presence of that tree stump.

2 – Stumps on your property attract a few insects and pests.

Although you look at a stump as nothing but a dead or decaying piece of wood, the truth is it is an ideal breeding place or source of food for some insects and pests, including wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants, and termites. If you leave a stump on your property, those insects set up shop and will eventually invade your home once they get what they want from the stump. You are looking at a pest infestation waiting to happen. If it happens, you might find yourself spending thousands of dollars for pest extermination and repair projects for your damaged property. Well, you could prevent all those things from happening if you choose to pay a minimal amount of money for tree stump removal Gold Coast.

3 – There’s a chance a stump could survive and grow back.

Lastly, you must deal with a stump as quickly as possible since there is a tendency for it to grow back and cause problems later. While you think it is almost impossible for it to become a fully-grown tree once again, the thing is the root system underneath continues to expand and might eventually find its way to the sewage system or the plumbing pipes, causing damage that could require hundreds of dollars for repair.