Some women are of the thought that beauty requires sacrifice, which is why many girls sacrifice comfort in pursuit of beauty. However, choosing beauty over comfort is a huge mistake as the comfort of your shoes has a significant impact on your general health. You will find that most women have a pair of heels but rarely wore them as they are very uncomfortable to walk in. However, how can you shop for comfortable womens shoes without compromising on beauty?

The first and most critical standard for your shoes is the comfort. Doctors say the primary cause of early varicose veins is the pain on the feet. If you have some problems with your back, the origin of it may be your shoes. That means high heels are not the ideal choice for womens shoes, more so if you consider using them regularly. However, you need not abandon heels as you can always find comfortable heels. All you need is to know how to find the best pair.

The first thing to determine is your feet size. Your size will help you find a heel that perfectly fits you. It would help if you also considered your weight and height, which will determine the heel size. If you are not sure what pair of heels works for you, you can visit a podiatrist and get professional advice.

Once buying shoes, you need to try them in the store (if buying locally) to ensure that they are comfortable and beautiful on you. Once you fit the shoes, walk around and confirm the feeling of your feet when walking, when standing and when sitting down. While walking, take note of the size. If the shoes feel very tight or too lose, they are not the best as you will not be comfortable with them. Consider shoes that fit you perfectly and are comfy to walk in. Lastly, consider the quality. By quality, I mean the brand. Not all brands have a good reputation when it comes to making quality and durable shoes. Therefore, only consider fitting shoes from reputable brands for your comfort and to get value for your money.

If you are buying shoes for everyday use such as shoes to wear to work, you need to ensure that you are purchasing safe shoes. Say goodbye to thin heels, which are not comfortable. Try to buy breathable flat shoes, making their colour darker than your clothes. If you plan to go on a long walk, do not go for the strap shoes, as they will affect the blood circulation. If your feet are a bit chubby, then pay attention to the choice of colours, dark colours will make your feet look small.

The bottom line is buying womens shoes that are both comfortable and attractive. Besides buying at your local store, you can as well shop online as there are many reliable online stores. However, before ordering online, be sure of what you want regarding the shoe size, type of shoe, and also the brand.