Is it time to replace your air conditioner? For many homeowners, the summer season is a highly anticipated time of the year since they can enjoy fun activities out in the sun. However, the summer months also means enduring the warm temperatures that could quickly turn a perfect day into a very uncomfortable one, especially when your AC system isn’t working the way it is supposed to; realising that your air conditioner no longer is working correctly, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to respond accordingly.

Replacing your AC is inevitable; you will need to consider that prospect when your unit is more than a decade old or when you notice the following signs:

1 – It no longer cools the room, or there is limited airflow.

The primary function or use of an air conditioning SA is to give you a comfortable living space by cooling the indoor air. So, if you turn it on and air does not come out cold in a couple of minutes, it means there is something seriously wrong with it. Several things can cause the AC to have limited airflow or lose its ability to cool the indoor space, including but not limited to clogs in the ductwork and pipes as well as a broken or damaged compressor.

2 – You see a build-up of moisture.

Another sign that it probably is time to replace your cooling equipment is when it quickly builds up moisture. It is true that all types of ACs will create moisture, but you know your unit is problematic when it already leaks around its frame. The reason could be a refrigerant leak, which by the way is a significant issue. When there is a leak, the system will most likely underperform, and the presence of the refrigerant in the air will put everyone at a health risk. Keep in mind that the high level of moisture in an indoor space creates an ideal environment for mould growth.

3 – You hear strange sounds.

Once you hear that your air conditioning SA is noisier than usual, it could be the sign you are waiting to replace it. You see, sounds like chattering, grinding, and squeaking isn’t normal. Some homeowners think that they are merely signs of the unit aging, but the truth is you need an immediate upgrade to new equipment. The annoying sounds could even put you and everyone else in danger since there might be an issue with some of the electrical components of the air conditioning system.

4 – There is a foul smell.

Lastly, if your AC unit emits a foul smell when you turn it on, it is an indication of a severe problem that needs immediate attention. You can call in a professional HVAC technician to figure the issue out before you decide to buy a replacement for your system.