When it comes to childcare centres, most parents always have a lot of doubts running in their heads. For some, just hearing the term can already give them a panic attack – whether it’s the overall costs or the thought of leaving their babies with someone else when their maternity leave ends, and they can’t do anything since they have to get back to work.

Looking for the ideal childcare provider can be a daunting task. While the price is usually the most significant factor in your final decision, there are other elements that you should determine as well. Factors such as location, availability, standards, qualifications, and procedures should also be a consideration. To make your search more informative, ask these four important childcare centre questions to ask your prospects:

1.) What accreditation or licensing do you have? It’s essential for you to determine the license and certification of a childcare centre. No permit means the centre can potentially avoid state-mandated inspections. Keep in mind that your child will be there for about 10 hours a week. That’s why determining their credibility is essential.

2.) What is the teacher turnover rate?

Teachers with high turnover rates are a serious red flag. Teacher’s happiness is a significant indication of the institution’s values. It’s also an indication that the place is either a great place to work or a toxic one that doesn’t value its workers. It also suggests that teachers are providing exceptional care to children. That’s why you should choose the centre that has long-term service.

3.) What is the teacher-to-child ratio?

Again, if the childcare centre isn’t fully licensed, most of the time it doesn’t follow state requirements on teacher-to-child ratios. A ratio better that than what is required is a good thing. That means the teachers aren’t stressed and overworked, the rooms aren’t overrun, and the facilities aren’t just trying to keep the rooms maxed out.

What are the safety practices or security measures of the institution?

Finally, it’s also essential for you to be aware of the security measures of your chosen childcare centre. You need to determine the number of securities that are safeguarding the place, the people, and your children. You also need to know the number of surveillance cameras that are present within the establishment. It will help you distinguish if your child is safe in the hands of the teachers in the childcare centre.

These four crucial childcare centre questions to ask your potential provider are very vital if you’re looking to choosing the best institution for your child. It will give you the peace of mind knowing that your child is in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. Next time you look for a childcare centre, incorporate these questions in your search, and you will never go wrong with choosing the childcare centre for your child.