Just like us humans, animals also suffer from various kinds of stress. But one factor that’s very common nowadays is heat stress. As the temperatures inside the barn, coop, or stall get high, your livestock animals will become stressed. This effect can result in a weakened immune system, low performance, and poor-quality products. That’s why it’s essential to incorporate a cooling system on your farm. That way, your farm animals will be safe from heat stress and can continue producing high-quality products for you. One of the best bard cooling systems that are widely used nowadays is a commercial misting fan.

What Is A Misting Fan?

A Misting fan is a heavy-duty fan that’s primary purpose is to cool farm animals that are placed inside the barn or outdoors. It features a giant fan that blows fine mist water, allowing the air to cool instantly. At the same time, this water also evaporates, absorbing heat and eliminating any heat from the air. Misting is a fantastic air cooler that can provide sufficient cooling to your livestock.

Benefits of a Commercial Misting Fan:

Commercial misting fans offer various perks to you and your livestock. Here are some of its best benefits:

Drastically reduces temperatures – a misting fan is made with technological innovations, allowing it to reduce the heat inside your barn or outside your fam by as much as 15°C.

Cools Your Animals – Installing misting fans for each of your horse stalls will make sure that each of your horses is cooled. That way, they can perform better. It’s also great for cattle, goats, and other livestock. Wherever you put it, misting fans will create a cool and comfortable environment for your farm animals.

Reduces Disease Risk – the higher the body temperatures of your farm animals, the more likely that they will acquire different kinds of diseases due to a weakened immune system. With a misting fan, you now can prevent that by cooling down your farm animals and boosting their ability to resist acquiring illnesses.

Economically Efficient – A commercial misting fan uses minimal amounts of water, making it an economically efficient machine. That means you won’t have to keep investing in new ones as they typically last longer than other farm cooling systems. On top of that, they are also less expensive.

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