Are you looking to apply for a novated lease? If so, then don’t let anything stop you from doing so. A novated lease is an effective way for you to own your dream car, or own a brand new vehicle every five years. If you’re having doubts, don’t worry. That’s natural if you haven’t tried novated lease before. But we can guarantee that its a safe, scam-free option that you can take if you want to own the latest rides available in the market today. The leading Novated Lease Australia – will give you all the reasons to persuade you to make up your mind and go for novated leasing finally:


Reduce Your Taxable Income

Going for a novated lease contract will mean you can potentially reduce your overall taxable income every month when your salary arrives. Your monthly pay from the company you work for will be deducted to compensate for your novated lease. This feature is very enticing since you’ll no longer have to wait until the end of the year to claim all of your taxes in your annual income tax return. What that means is instead of paying your car from your salary, you’ll pay for it through a portion of your taxes. That means you can significantly reduce your taxable income every time you get your monthly salary.


Get Your Employer Involved

Another convenience that a novated lease provides is that you can get your employer involved to pay for your vehicle on your behalf. It only means you’ll never have to worry about any direct debit payment. You will get enough funds to pay for your car every month or whatever period that states in your agreement. If you’re an employee for a big firm or company, your employer can make the repayment to the financier before handing out your salary. That way, you can guarantee that your car gets paid in full – you have the assurance that you’ll never have to think about your car payments!




Apply For A Novated Lease Now!

Novated Lease Australia – provides the most convenience when applying for a vehicle. It will provide you with flexible options so you can get your desired plan. What’s best is that you can still pay for your car even if you leave your company. So what are you waiting for? Get your dream car without the hassle! Visit our website and apply for a novated leasing contract today!