Occupational therapists (OT) are healthcare professionals who help patients to improve their abilities and perform better tasks in both their living and work environment. They use treatments and procedures that help their clients to develop normal life and work skills that would help bring together, a much more meaningful life. The goal that each therapist sets in his mind for his clients are to ensure that they go on to enjoy thoroughly satisfying, independent and productive lives.

OTs not only work with people with minor problems but the patients who have permanent disabilities like spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Such people face difficulties in performing simple daily tasks and are assisted by the occupational therapists. They demonstrate the use of adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, dressing aids etc. For individual cases, occupational therapists go on to design new equipment that the patient might require to function at his home or workplace. They teach their clients how to use it and incorporate them into their daily lives.

The most important part of occupational therapy is the assessment and record of progress made by the client. These records help them to scrutinise the procedures and assist them to cover any left out factors.

OTs sometimes chose to work only with a particular age group instead of tending to the whole lot. It gives them scope in specialising the methods and procedures for the same. For example, therapists who work in schools tend to only children and not adults. They may collaborate with a child individually or a small group at a time. They also employ many physical activities and exercises that are essential for the proper development of a child.

On the other hand, many occupational therapists work only with the elderly. These therapists help them to lead more productive and wholesome lives. They go down to the beautiful details like home environments and figure out any factors that pose problems for the patient.

These therapists are a great helping hand to people who have problems like stunted mental development, emotional trauma or addictions. The therapists work accordingly and set up activities that help them overcome these challenges. Occupational therapists work to relieve stress related problems of their patients too.

OTs usually enjoy large unique rooms which have lots of machines and tools. The job is often tiring as there is a lot of physical activity involved. The working hours are regular, i.e., 40 hours a week but some therapists chose to work part-time.

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