A podiatrist is a medical practitioner that specialises in diagnoses and treatment of the foot, ankle and lower extremity. Most people overlook the need to see a podiatrist and will plan a visit when that are experiencing foot problems. But this should not be the case. Just as you visit your GD and the dentist, you should also schedule regular visits to a podiatry clinic as there are many benefits to doing so. By paying a visit to a podiatry clinic, any foot problems building up will be detected before developing to critical issues that will affect your mobility. Besides regular checkups below are other instances when you should visit a dentist.

Joint Pain in Your Feet or Ankles

When you start experiencing joint pains in your ankles and feet, it is a sign that something is wrong. It could be that you have hurt yourself during your daily activities, you have been involved in an accident, natural pain due to aging or illnesses related to other medical conditions like diabetes. Now, if you are experiencing such pains, wait no more and visit the nearest podiatry clinic for proper diagnosis and treatment. Painkillers are never the solution to foot problems, and so the right thing is to see a podiatrist.

You’re an athlete, or you are running regularly.

Athletes and people who do regular exercises, i.e., running are prone to aches and pains like shin splints. By visiting a podiatrist, he/she can access your body and feet to determine potential problems and recommend the best strategies to avoid them. You will also get advice regarding the best athletic shoes to purchases depending on your type of feet and body weight.

Ingrown Toenail

When a toenail grows into your skin, the ingrown nail can cause an infection. This condition mostly affects the big toe. If a toenail has lots of drainages or is very red, then visit a podiatry clinic for treatment. The podiatrist will remove the toenail to ensure that there are no further infections. In case there was an infection, the podiatrist will recommend the best medicine for the affected area.

You suspect a sprain or broken bone.

Podiatry doctors are professional a treating sprains, strains, and broken bones in the ankle or foot. They can diagnose your foot injuries and suggest the best treatment. A podiatrist can also create a flexible cast to help the affected area heal. Trouble walking, swelling, and redness are all reasons to see a podiatrist.

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