If you are an earnest livestock farmer, am sure you have planted enough corn to make silage for the next season. Corn is conventional when it comes to making silage. It is more recommended for farmers who practice large-scale livestock farming.

When your corn is ready, how do you make and preserve the silage? It is not easy, and if you are not informed, you will end up making mistakes, and you will end up with low quality feeds which will not be of much help to your livestock and will result to little or no production at all. Therefore, before you harvest your corn to make silage, you should first decide on how to preserve the silage.

When it comes to making and preserving silage, as a farmer who is in the livestock farming business, you should be looking at a way to minimise the production cost and maximise the quality of the silage which in turn mean that you will have a high return on investment. Therefore, take your time and think as you look around and see what other livestock farmers are doing to reduce the cost of making and preserving silage. Well, the first and obvious observation you will make is mechanisation. Today, unlike a few years ago, you can hire a specialised tractor that will harvest your corn and make silage at the same time. It will reap as it loads the silage in transporting trucks. This way, the process will be smooth and will cost you less.

When the silage is made, how do you preserve it ensuring that you are using minimum resources and end up with quality silage at the time of feeding? What you need is to make use of the modern silage preservation methods which involves the use of silage covers. The trucks will be transporting the silage to a customary place like a silage pit. After you load all your silage in a silage pit, you will need to use a cover, and nothing can beat silage film covers regarding offering the best protection.

If you do not want to dig a silage pit, you can consider buying silage film. First spread the covering on the ground and then put all your silage. When you are done, then you can use the silage covers to cover the silage. This way, your corn silage will be very safe and will be of high quality at the time of feeding. What makes the silage film the best is the fact that it is readily available in the market and it is also very affordable. Also, it has protection against harsh weather, and so you can rest assured that your silage will retain quality for a long time.