It is common to feel intimidated when you first start shopping for digital hearing aids. They vary in prices significantly and offer very different features. Perhaps you have started shopping, but felt confused by the array of features. Do you need some of the features that are listed? How do you even know if you need a function if you are not quite sure what it is?

Adaptive Feedback Cancellations

This term looks technical and hard to understand, but it just refers to a method that is used to cancel audio feedback. Its application is in echo cancellation, so coefficients are adjusted to minimise errors.

Have you ever at any time been at the edge of a mountain and yelled something so you could listen to it echo over and over again? Well, adaptive feedback cancellation stops this from occurring in your ears.

Two-Channel Processing

When you speak to other people about digital hearing aids, you will likely find that they talk a lot about bands and channels. The critical thing to know is that channels have nothing to do with volume settings or programs. Channels essentially determine precisely how granular a hearing aid processes and amplifies perceived sound. Channels break up frequency range, so ideally, you want to choose one with at least two channels.

Enhanced Taper Control

Here is another term that seems much more technical than it is. Enhanced taper control just smooths volume adjustment. It eliminates those incredibly undesirable abrupt volume fluctuations. There is nothing worse than all of a sudden feeling like someone turned the volume up and put a microphone inside your ear.

Dynamic Speech Enhancement

A hearing aid with dynamic speech enhancement features a system with fixed channel crossovers. Each of these independent compressors is adjusted appropriately for compression ratio, compression threshold, and expansion threshold.

Simply put, these separate modes let you tune digital hearing aids for optimal performance. It all dictates to a more natural sound.

Although shopping for digital hearing aids can feel scary, the four features mentioned above are what you want to seek. It is essential to note that using a quality aid is imperative to the health of your ears. If you choose one that does not allow for customization, then you end up with every sound being amplified, and this is dangerous.

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