Wood ovens are traditional equipment for cooking. As the term suggests, they use wood as fuel for cooking in different ways. For the most part, wood ovens may either be a black or white oven. So, what is the difference between the two? On the one hand, black ovens use burning wood in a chamber to heat them. Therefore, you cook food in that heated chamber with the fire burning underneath, or in some instances, cooking happens in the heater chamber after the coal and fire are swept out. On the other hand, a white oven uses a more complicated but efficient method of cooking. In this setup, you heat the oven by way of heat transfer from a separate combustion chamber, coupled by a flue-gas path. The term “white” refers to the clean ash produced by the burning process.

It is true that the old type of wood ovens Adelaide was made from masonry, but you now can choose other varieties, specifically those made from adobe, cob, or even cast iron. You do have to remember that wood ovens are different from that of wood-fired stoves since the latter comes equipped with a hot cooking surface intended for use with pans and pots. They are in a way like an electric or gas stove. There also are setups in which a wood-fired stove comes with an oven that is separate from the fire chamber, although you still cannot call it as like that of a wood oven. A wood stove of this type has a chamber made up of a floor or hearth, dome, and an entry or what others refer to as the oven opening.

More on how a black oven works, you do not compare it to a modern electric or gas-powered oven since it does not provide a constant cooking temperature. In fact, the way the black wood oven works is that you only heat it once during the firing stage, in which the combustion of wood inside the chamber occurs. Once the coals get raked out the oven will cool down in several hours or days, depending on how remarkable the insulation.

Furthermore, wood ovens Adelaidehave temperatures that could exceed 1000 degrees F. The ovens’ mass serves the purpose of being a thermal battery, which in turn acts by slowly releasing the heat over time. The result is that the retained heat in the oven is capable of baking multiple batches. Likewise, food and ingredients that require the use of different temperatures in cooking may be cooked in succession based on the drop of the oven temperature on a gradual basis.

Although you may look at wood ovens as an old way of cooking, many people still use them today since they carry with them a unique mechanism that no other cooking equipment can emulate.